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Colour Lift - for all Correction & Camouflage

Colour Lift is a great remover solution for correction and camouflage. It can lift out the unwanted pigment from the skin immediatley, or even years after procedure.
Correction and Camouflage are used for hiding minor errors and mistakes including:

▪ Minor control loss
▪ Nitpicky alterations
▪ Shape Change
▪ Last minute mind changes
▪ Final Adjustments
▪ Years of enduring poor quality work


5-10 drops of Colour Lift added with each pigment mixture (depending on the darkness of the removal area).
A/   Less drops of Colour Lift for a more concentrated pigment mixture and use for darker removal area.
B/   More drops of Colour Lift can be used to dilute the pigment mixture and work for a lighter removal area.
For correction of Purple, Blue, Orange, Pink Brow, Blue Eyeliner or Blue Lip, depending on the correction type 5-10 drops of Colour Lift can be added to the renewer pigment.

How to use Colour Lift.pdf


**DO NOT attempt to use Color Lift on the eye area if you have not been appropriately trained in correction an camouflage techniques for eyeliner. A mistake can result in burning of the cornea and loss of eyesight for the client. 


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