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Training And Certification with THink Aesthetics


About THink

THink Aesthetics offers students all-inclusive training programs where we only train one-on-one to achieve the best results and provide the best training environment. Think courses cover everything from the basic principles of cosmetic tattooing to the most advanced techniques. Training is conveyed in a manner that will provide you with the confidence to immediately apply your newly acquired skills on your clients. Our hands-on learning regime is offered in a well-planned and uniquely extended format to ensure you gain all the required skills and knowledge to operate successfully in this highly specialised field.Janice Trainer is THink’s founder and very own Master Instructor. With over 30 years’ experience in the beauty industry, Janice Trainer is well known for her individual one-on-one approach to Cosmetic Tattoo training and maintains a strong working relationship will all her past and present students. Once you train with THink you become a part of the family.


The Courses




  • Beginners Course
    • All the basic techniques of Cosmetic Tattooing
    • Lip Line and Blend, Block/powdered Eyebrows, Top and Bottom Eyeliner
    • 4 days
  • Beginners and Feather Stroke
    • The basic areas of Cosmetic Tattooing as well as the feather stroke technique
    • Lip Line and Blend, Block/powdered Eyebrows, Top and Bottom Eyeliner, Feather Stroke Eyebrows
    • 5 days
  • Feather Stroke
    • The feather stroke technique
    • With the hand tool and digital machine (if you require)
    • 2 days
  • 3D Eyebrow
    • The eyebrow block technique plus the feather stroke technique to create the 3D eyebrow effect
    • With the hand tool and digital machine
    • 3 days
  • Full Lip Advanced Course
    • Only available to people who have at least 6 months Cosmetic Tattooing experience
    • Full Lips
    • 2 days
  • Paramedical Course
    • Only available to people who have at least 6 months Cosmetic Tattooing experience
    • Scarring Camouflage and Areola
    • 2 days
  • Advanced Microblading Course
    • Only available if you have previously been trained in the Feather Stroke Course
    • Branko Babic’s Microblading Eyebrow Technique
    • 2 days
  • Recertification Course
    • Recertifies you in the Cosmetic Tattoo field you require
    • 2 days
  • THink Scalp Course
    • Scalp micropigmentation tattooing technique
    • 3 days
  • Custom Training Course
    • Scope and certifications to be agreed

Training Information

THink train using the full range of needles. You will also be taught on a digital machine and hand tool. This way you can decide which technique(s) you prefer using prior to committing to equipment types. Learn the potential pitfalls first and make an informed decision. As a student of THink you will practice all techniques on several materials and then when ready, progress to live models. You will progressively complete the required amount of models throughout your course.


Interstate Students

THink is located in Brisbane and we complete our training at our clinic, however Janice does travel and is able to go to wherever you are situated (if not in Brisbane). If training does not occur at THink Aesthetics travel costs of $220 a day apply. Additionally if training does not occur at THink it is the requirement of the student to provide all the models required to pass the course.


Models – Practical Assessment

All models are charged a consumables fee between $75 to $200 (depending on the procedure) which is payable to the instructor on the day. If you are providing the models they will return to you in 1 month for the touch-up/perfection visit where you will charge a touch-up/perfection visit fee of your choice ($100-$150).
If you are in Brisbane and completing the course at THink we recommend that you provide all or some of your models so that they are able to go back to you for the Touch-up/Perfection visit and you can see the results of your work.
For interstate students we provide all models for the course unless requested otherwise.


TPC Finance

At THink we offer students the chance to have their course done through third party finance. We go through TPC Finance which offers finance on a course with the purchase of a machine.

If you are interested in finance, please call up the office and enquire.
To be eligible you need to have an ABN number. TPC will determine each applicant’s eligibility.



At the successful completion of each Course you will receive a certificate stating you have been trained and can independently perform the applicable procedures. Please note that before commencing work you will need to check with your local council if there are special requirements to perform Cosmetic Tattooing in your area, as sometimes special licences are required (e.g. Personal Appearance Licence in Queensland).


Booking Room

At THink we offer all students the opportunity to come back and book out one of our treatment rooms free of charge for 1 month after their course completion date (Subject to availability). They must provide all materials and their own models. This is offered to help with any students who would like Janice to give feedback on their work or let students utilise our facility until they can find their own. After their month is finished we do require a booking fee of $150 for the room hire per day.




To attend our classes, please call or Brisbane office (07) 33000 INK, (07) 33000 465. A deposit of 20% is required to hold all training dates.


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